Yeswehelp aids in matching supply & demand for social services where normal market mechanism doesn’t function.

Our idea of emerged at the beginning of COVID crisis and has been evolving into a functioning product and customer usage within the last 6 months. We are brokering resources in social network application, by helping to connect “have” and “have nots” digitally and we are the provider that makes the German “Siemens Wunschweihnachtsbaum” digital. We have received initial interest from World Food Programme.

Donations are used to pay recurring cost like our webserver and the costs of maintaining a bank account. In the future we will support our community and new projects.

Yes We Help — An App in times of the Coronavirus

The article has been published by Emily E. Von Bergen Takushi on Medium. It is published here on the YesWeHelp website

A week after Mar 25 the German government called for action to participate in a nationwide Hackathon against Coronavirus. Rapidly, five Siemens Rebels decided that it was upon them to find solutions for the consequences of this pandemic.

In this blog, you’ll find a brief introduction to the solution and ideation in times of the coronavirus, and a request for expert Mendix developers to participate for a good cause. In upcoming blogs, the app developers will demonstrate how the app is built and will share their experiences and learnings.

During the spread of the virus, many people need to stay at home and cannot organize their basics needs on their own. Very often neighbors help – but they need to know first. Our idea is a mobile app that connects people in need of support with those willing to offer it. Similar to a ticket system, community members are easily able to post their needs (grocery shopping, babysitting, etc.) and receive help from those picking this ticket. This allows communities to stay united in times of social distancing. For now, the app is mostly in German, however, our target is to implement other languages.

The app is scalable and could be used all over the world, and therefore has great potential.

The team consists of low code enthusiasts, digital natives, emigrants and immigrants, and people with good hearts.
What is still missing to finalize our app, is to get more people involved especially low-code specialists/Mendix experts who would like to support us.